Temari’s Fan- Naruto

I was commissioned to make Temari’s fan from the anime series Naruto.

This was originally going to be a modification of one of those large fans that you can find at asian trinket shops, but I completely didn’t trust it to hold up the rigors of cosplaying.

An 11th hour idea that came to me to use slats from a set of window blinds.

Since the ones i got were faux wood (plastic), i added some spokes that were wooden molding for support. I stacked them up and drilled a hole through the set of spokes.

after bolting it, I laid out the curve onto paper.

After the layout, I hit a possible snag, where the spines would prevent the fan from folding completely. I took the spines and taped them together, then tapered them. The quick sketch below is an approximation of what I did (was rushing forgot to take photos)

I mounted fabric to the front of paper, to give it strength

The purple dots were added by ironing on pieces of purple fabric with some heat & bond sheets.

made sure to measure out the spacing carefully, then used a straight edge to fold the fabric.

After tapering the spokes to ensure that the fan can close, I used double sided adhesive tape to secure the spokes to the fan.

aand thats about it! One really big fan!


After taking these photoe, I had to let the gal who commissioned know that it would be unwise to open it outside. There was a slight breeze outside, and it was a challenge trying to make sure that the wind didn’t take off with it…