F/A-37 Strega project

This was the VERY first project I had ever made once I finally got home access to the internet, grabbed html 4 for dummies, and and built my first website back in 2003.

It was updated as I was working on it!

Special thanks to that one IP that kept look coming to my site every day to watch this project, You kept me going. Thanks Woody 😀

The first entry into this section is a model of the F/A-37 Strega, the main creaft you fly in the PS1 shmup, “Philosoma”.

It’s still to this day, one of my favorite video game spaceships!

I don’t know how it’ll turn out & I think I’m biting off more than I can chew here, but the worst that happens is that I’ll have a bunch of spaceship jiblets…

I could always turn it into abstract art :p…

Of course, tons of images were gathered! Here’s a bunch of screebgrabs once I found out that I could throw the Playstation CD into my hard drive and access the video cut scenes. Many of them are grainy, but usable.

Here’s a few of the references gathered!


With most of the references in order, I went to the local hardware store and nabbed some wood planks. I’m going to try out poplar, because its a softer wood and easier to carve. This is going to be around 2 feet in length. I’m going to start building a couple simple components of the craft, to see if I can even DO this..

This was carved out using rasps, files, and a dremel tool. Managed to carve out the fuselage.it turned out okay, and I’m excited to get this done…

Here’s a closeup of the tail end!

Bah. Screwed up :p doing it over.

Spent all day in the woodshop and completely lost track of time! Guess what? I messed up again… this time I tried to salvage a piece of wood and it simply didn’t work.
On the good side, I DID manage to carve out one of the sides, including an intake vent (which, of course, I also messed up). The shape looks okay so far, but it needs more work..
pics coming in next update^_^


Once I carved out both sides, of the main body, the wings were attached and I them built both sides of the mgot yhe area of the drokay. this isn’t pretty, not pretty at ALL.. but it’s what I wound up with after roughing the main body out…


got the wings attached and the underbelly carved..
a friend of mine said it looks like a pet… teaching it how to do a barrel roll is essential for any pet spaceship :3

The gunpods were next on the list, made of poplar and some shaped down dowel rods. Swivel points were also added to mount them to the ship 🙂

Gunpods shaped… ready to attach them & start on the engines…

Starting to build the upper engines, carving them out was a pain. A scrollsaw was used to cut out the top and bottom from poplar, then I sandwiched the sides on.

I wasn’t paying attention, and accidentally made two left engines… oops!

Here’s the ship after a few long sessions of chiseling, carving, filing and sandpaper

The swiveling joints on the end (and any parts that needed to be extra sturdy) were made from Red Oak, which is stronger than poplar

In my excitement, I hastily threw on a coat of paint to see what this would look like! The coat of primer’s sprayed over this inital crummy paintjob.

The ship began getting some primer coats, and the beamp; beginning on the the lower engines ^_^

The details in the intakes are made from craft sticks and bamboo skewers.


Lots of work done… Here’s the ship mostly assembled, with some of the smaller details to be added, but with a few nice and solid coats of primer! The engines are also complete, though once again, I messed up and accidentally made two left engines :p )

You can also see the underfin here. Its made from Red Oak, which is stronger.

The peg below the fin is to drop the engine down for the ship’s “ground mode” . I was having some difficulty deciding on how to attach the lower engines for ground mode. Had gone to the local hardware store and picked up all sorts of little hinges & things, but in the end settled on a simple mech made out of dowel pins & a cut off ruler with holes punched thru them…
next stop, paint!

finger covered the flash.. sorry bout that..^_^


ground mode!

Woot! finally got the airbrush working (enough).. forgot how messy airbrushing is (wish this thing could be colored with Photoshop…

So here’s the beginning of the real paint job… gotta add some more purple to it though cuz its curently WAY too blue…-_-;

Here’s a few more pics of the ship as the painting is underway.. its somewhat tough, for the ship in the game has at least 3 different rendered styles.

The plaid was a wee bit on the extreme side, so I went back over it with my base color to tone it back a lot!

Ahhh, thats more like it! Keep it subtle! 

well, the project’s *finally* nearing completion, and after adding all the engine flaps & installing the top engines, finishing details begin! The top engines here are being attached to the fuselage here 😀

The back engines got their dividers, and the fins that moved in game were put in little hinges. Unfortunately, they weren’t strong enough, so I glued them all in place in the end.

and I went in & added the fins to the gunpods, they rotate since they do for the ship’s “ground mode ”

Here they are sitting on my night table complete, waiting for the rest of the ship to be finished!

Thought I was done, until a friend of mine asked “Does that thing have landing gear?”

… and I realized that maybe a pencil might not make for a good stand! Sometimes you forget these things, ya’know?

So i banged out a quickie stand that would support it, as well at tilt the ship based on how you rotate it on its base.

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