AC2 Belt insignia


Product Description

This measures 7-3/8″ wide and 6-1/16″ tall and is cold cast in tinted smoothcast 325 resin. The backplate is made from Sintra

Remove the backplate, cut slits in your sash to poke the buckles through, add straps (not included), and bolt the insignia back on. Since the front wouldn’t buckle the way ubi designed it, I set my belt to buckle up in the back, which is actually really easy, and still looks 100% like ingame 🙂
The insigina and backplate (with 4 buckles attached) are included. (image on left)

This is also great for easily upgrading purchased costumes, since the parts that are supposed to be metal are made from cheapo pleather and tend to squish.. just snip off the pleather insignia, cut a couple slits in the sash, and attach the insignia to it. Slide the straps on & you’re done!

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