Nordic Shield- Skyrim

In continuing with my goal to have the full set of Nordic armor and weapons, the next project on the list was the shield!

The first step was to cut out a large disk of insulation foam ,then curve it using files and sandpaper.
This was coated in resin. If you have a large vacuumformer, you can vacuum form this thing instead… it would have made life easier.

This was sanded enough to smooth out the major bumps. this is going to be covered by leather.

I went and  bowled the underside as well with sandpapers.

The handle needs extra support, so I carved out a strip of the foam, bored out the line of resin in the middle, and embedded a piece of wood for the handle to attach to.

Another addition to strengthen the disk  was to crosshatch the foam with grooves. when it was coated in resin, a nice & solid latticework was formed.

After sanding things smooth (enough), I decided to add the raised edge that was on the inside of the shield. I used a spare hardboard ring (brown), tacked it down with glue, then used some old expanding foam to fill in the gaps. More sanding ensued!

Once things were smoothed down, it was time to cover this bad boy with leather! I was using beater blemished leather scraps from previous projects

The panels were laid out and trimmed down.

To create the leather strapping for the handle, I used double sided tape to fold it over and secure it.

The handle was made using a bent piece of aluminum, which was wrapped in the linen stripping. This was made  to be a little larger than in game, to ensure my hand can get in it while wearing bracers and plating .

Wet molding was done to bowl the leather, and cleanly wrap around the edge.

The outer rim was covered in leather, glued down with high temp hot glue.

For the “stitching”, I faked it by cutting little strips…

…then glued them into holes I punched in the leather.

Some test assembly and dyeing of the leather began. I was using Tandy Leather Factory’s Eco-flo antique gel. Dark brown and medium brown were interchanged to give it an uneven finish.

Here’s more of the faux stitching!

Once everything was dyed, I glued it down using barge cement (and hot glue on the outer ring), bolted the handle down, and used sandpaper to give it a worn look.  The ring was bolted down as well.

For the plating on the front, I began by making the toothy bits out of plywood. These were mounted onto a curved plate at the top that won’t be seen under the subsequent layers.

Sintra was used for the main dragon panel in the missle, as well as the sides.

The panels were aligned and holes were drilled for final assembly later on.

The sides have a bevel to them, so I cut mostly through the sintra, bent it, then filled in the gap with bondo. The back got some epoxy resin to reinforce it.

Before gluing down the edging and squares, I did a fade of multicolored textured spray paint (rustoleum). That provided the sandy faded look I wanted.

The dragon “eyebrows” were built up and beveled using some bondo!

Here’s one side of the plating, fully assembled.

The metallic effect was done by spraying it with black spray paint, then rubbing gunmetal and brilliant aluminum powder on the surface. You can see the texture brought out toward the bottom in the recesses.

The teethy bits were base coated with Hammered metallic paint for the texture, then again, painted black and rubbed with powder.

Bevelled the edges of the dragon, and added sintra pyramids.

Next was laying out the dragon head. I decided to do this in stacked layers.

I cut out anything that won’t show in each of the layers to help lighten the shield.

I had some extra foam it 10 rigid foam laying around, so I taped the edges of the dragon plate and poured some of the foam in.

The same goes for the large plate that sits between the eyes.

These were pretty fun to carve! a flat file made pretty short work of the foam.

Bondo was slicked on it to smooth it out, and final sanding before paint.

Here’s the shield finished! the fur along the edge is faux fur glued in.



Here’s my friend with the shield. It has 100% block effect!