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Commissions are currently closed through January 2017.

For everything else, please this form!


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  • Thank you for your interest in my work !  I am opening commission slots for the summer and fall at this time, and if you are serious about hiring me to create an original prop for you, please use the form below.

    Please understand that researching requests to give proper quotes takes a lot of time, so please only inquire if you're serious about commissioning me. After you submit an inquiry, give me up to a week to review submissions and get back to you.

    With the massive range of props and accessories, construction methods, special bits and such, I can't give you an estimate until I know exactly what you want. I also have to consider the amount of time it would take to make the prop, and the materials that would be required to fill your needs.  Please note again that I am -not- third world labor, and my prices will reflect that (as well as the quality of the work).  These are not mass produced replicas, but handcrafted one of a kind pieces, which take many hours to design & create, and can cost hundreds of dollars in materials (especially when fine sculpting and molding/casting is involved), and my pricing will reflect that.

    While I AM accepting requests for most manners of props and items (no full costume/items that need to be form fitting, sorry! ) , I do have a preference for:
    • futuristic, retro, and post apocalyptic weaponry
    • shields
    • space guns
    • fantasy/LARP leather bracers (since I really would like to get back to leatherworking more! )
    • fantasy swords

    There are also a few things that I won't be accepting commissions for:
    • Kingdom hearts props- Sorry, just not into it
    • Hidden blades-  I never managed to perfect the design into something I feel comfortable taking commissions for, and don't function that great. :p Check out this guy's blades instead 🙂
    • Full costumes/armor/items that need to be custom fitted to the body- In addition to requiring multiple fittings and/or body molds, I really don't like sewing.
    • If someone else already does great kits or props that you are requesting, I'll more than likely redirect you to them.
    If we agree to start a commission, a non refundable placeholder of $50 USD is required to hold your place in the schedule, and 50% of the remaining balance of the commission is due a minimum of 2 months before the start of the project to cover the cost of design, purchase of the materials, and the beginning construction. The remainder of the balance (and shipping costs) is due before shipping. Payments are non refundable unless something happens on my end.

    Commissions start at 250 USD.

    Thanks again for your interest!