Around the shop : New site, updates, and wips

This is the first in a series of blogs dedicated to the general goings on over here in the shop, as well as a little bit of a personal blog!

New Website!

First of all, welcome to my new website, rebuilt from scratch after a total website crash and burn (doh!) Besides scrounging around for old blogs, fixing typos & broken links, and FINALLY finding a website theme package that I like and is easy to use (X theme for WordPress), I added a lot of new works into the gallery, and will be adding write ups for a lot of projects (old and new!) over the next couple of months!

Much thanks go out friends who helped test and give me some feedback on this site, and I’m super excited to have this back up and running!

On the workbench!

These next couple of months are partially dedicated to finishing off some of the builds that have been sitting in the ol’ to do pile! Both the daedric sword and Tauriel’s quiver are being molded this week! Expect to see a few kits soon!

On the slate!
  • LOTR bracer
  • LOTR leather helm plates
  • nordic quiver
  • sword of omens