Assassins Creed 2- Ezio’s belt

One of the tougher elements to make on the Assassins Creed 2 gear has been the belt.. its not only one of the defining features of Ezio’s design, but its located in a place that would mean breakage for many materials if you bent over.

The set up of the buckles, while looking cool, would also not work in real life  because the posts on the buckle are facing the wrong direction, and you can’t actually use them at all. I came up with a “cheat” of sorts, and designed the belt to unbuckle in the back, with the front being more decorative than anything.

 First of course, was  the design! I decided to go with the boxart design, and drew, scanned and mirrored this in photoshop.

The drawing was mounted on plywood, and the strapping was sketched out onto a piece of tagboard that was measured to my waist (along with some wiggle room for the layers and sash that would go underneath it.

I then began the sculpting using Super Sculpey, a polymer clay that hardens when baked in an oven.

after i used a pasta roller to make thin sheets of sculpey, they were laid down, and the silhouette was cut. It served as a guide, and I added elements in sections. Super Sculpey can be baked multiple times, so as I progressed along with the sculpt, I tossed it in the oven and hardened finished sections, so I won’t accidentally won’t foul them up.



The crest at the top was sculpted separately, baked, then added onto the base, and the leaves were cut, added, and shaped in layers.
Here’s the mostly completed sculpt. Super Sculpey can also be sanded and and drilled.  This is still pretty rough.

A lot of sanding was done to smooth out imperfections and such. I worked my way down to 800 grit, then buffed it smooth with an old sock!

There are some photos missing (sorry!) but I built a mold box (pretty much hotglued walls made from tape covered tagboard) and Created a mold using Moldmax 30 silicone. A plaster support was added to keep it from losing shape when doing pours.

Though this is a later remolding, I decided to embed some bolts into the plaster, in case the surface I was pouring the casting was uneven or not completely level. The Spikey things are called screw inserts, which you can usually find in the specialty section of home improvement stores. since they screw on, you can use them to level the mold.

For the molding, I began by powdering the mold with super fine bright aluminum powder. These are available at many craft stores (pearl EX powders) ,  and come in many colors.

After brushing the inside of the mold with aluminum powder, I poured smoothcast 325 resin into the mold. Here’s the result of the cast once its pulled from the mold.

After using a sanding belt to sand the reverse side of the cast to remove the flashing and even it out, I did a “wash” of sorts using spraypaint and a rag.

Here’s the finished insignia.. 3 holes were drilled into the back of the casting, and Chicago screws were glued in using epoxy resin.

A backplate was cut & shaped by heating a 1/4″ thick sheet of expanded pvc, which will protect the insignia when one is bending, as well as provide a base to mount the buckles onto. I drilled 4 holes at each corner to lash 1″ wide buckles onto it using picture hanging wire, and added padding to the back so the wire won’t jab the wearer in the stomach.

Next up is the sash! It’s actually is much like a cummerbund that one might see being worn with formal suits. Imade mine using head liner foam, and spraymounted bunched fabric  down to look as close as i could get to the references. slots and holes were cut into it to add it onto the backplate. Added hook and loop velcro onto the ends of the sash, to make it easier to put on. The seam was covered by the sash that hangs off the side.The insigna was then bolted onto the backplate 🙂

Time to cut out & test the belt straps! Tagboard comes in very handy again, and I used it to lay out and loosely assemble a mockup of the leather strapping.

Here is the completed assembly. The panel in the back with the buckles is where you actually unbuckle the belt.
The AC logo in the back is purely decorative, since I’ll be clipping pouches to the back of the belt (if I ever get around to completing them)

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